Question: What Defines The Ultimate Women Tattoo Designs?

CLICK HERE - FOR WOMEN TATTOO DESIGNSAnswer: Before we can start to unravel the complex subject of the ultimate women tattoo designs we need to consider what a women is really looking to portray in her body art.

Traditionally, women's tattoo designs were less heavy and less aggressive looking than their male counterparts and although many women still prefer to display their feminine side with small and delicate tattoos like butterflies or heart designs a growing number of women are now looking towards the bold and more daring styles of tattoo that has for so long been associated with men.

Women today can be far more adventurous in their selection of body art and although the conventional styles continue to be popular, more and more are opting to use their creative panache to produce striking designs that reveal a tantalizing glimpse of their originality and individualism. It is not uncommon to find designs such as biomechanical tattoos or elaborate dragon designs gracing their bodies.

Tattoo Issues - Women TattoosSome of the most popular tattoos that still continue to appeal to women today can be divided into three distinct groups, Feminine, Adventurous and Tribal.

Feminine: The majority of women today will, in general, select a tattoo from this popular group of designs because they are either cute, sensual or spiritual. One major aspect of this group is the way they that they epitomize positive female qualities such as love, happiness, warmth, freedom and spirituality.

Adventurous: This next group of tattoos is slightly less feminine in nature, but have an audacious edge to them. They have a tendency to be more bold and daring in their design but with deeper and more symbolic meanings.

Tribal: The final group of tattoo designs which are so popular with women today are becoming more and more popular because there are so many different and unique designs to choose from. Tribal tattoo designs could be deemed to be quite masculine in appearance but when resized and creatively redesigned for women these complex designs can look quite stunning on the female form.

Listed below are some examples of the different types of Feminine, Adventurous and Tribal tattoo designs.  


1. Cupcakes
2. Hello Kitty Angel                  
  3. Doves and Humming Birds
4  Bows
5. Cherry Blossom
6. Mermaids
7. Flowers
8. Winnie The Pooh
9. Fairies and Pixies
10 Hearts
11. Celestial Bodies
12. Angels
13. Ankle Bracelets
14. Feathers
15. Butterflies and Dragonflies
16. Paw Prints 
17. Sea horse
18. Belly Button 
19. Strawberries and Cherries
20. Ladybug

Adventurous Tattoos:           Tribal Tattoos:

1. Flames                            1. Tribal and Celtic
2. Astrology                        2. Snake and Serpent 
3. Eagle and Tiger                3. Chains and Barbed Wire  
4. Eastern spirituality            4. Mythological Creatures 
5. Dolphin                           5. Guns and knives   
6. Native American               6. Occult 
7. New Age                         7. Skull and Crossbones

CLICK HERE - FOR BEAUTIFUL WOMEN TATTOO DESIGNSSo, Women Tattoo Designs have now become just an everyday thing. No one is shocked anymore by the brief glimpse of hidden ink or by the very prominent 'in your face' tattoo designs. For a lot of women today the motivation for getting a tattoo is about "reasserting control over their own bodies".

In the Western world the topic of body image is being examined on an almost daily basis with the 'so called' experts offering  self-opinionated views on everything from hair styles to plastic surgery, but the depiction of women tattoo designs represent a quite different current of thought, one where you choose not to make a fashion statement but prefer to have control of your own image and your own body. FASHIONS CHANGE BUT TATTOOS ARE FOREVER!

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