Question: What Are The Secrets to Creating Unique Tattoo Designs?

LOOKING FOR THE BEST UNIQUE TATTOO DESIGNS? CLICK HERE NOW!Answer: Before we get into the secrets of creating Unique Tattoo Designs it's important that you first understand the meaning of the word unique? Lets take a quick look at the definition of 'Unique'.... EXISTING AS THE ONLY ONE or as THE SOLE EXAMPLE.

OK, now that's clear it's pretty oblivious that you don't want a tattoo that looks similar to every other Tom, Dick or Harry's, or, to be politically correct Tammy, Daisy or Harriet's! Then how can you be sure that your design will be unique, original and without equal?

TIME....Yes, Time is the NUMBER 1 SECRET that you will need to conquer if you're ever going to create your very own Unique Tattoo Designs. This makes sense, since your new tattoo will be with you the rest of your life, you'd be brain-damaged if you didn't first weigh-up all the possible alternatives available! So you really need to put some creative thought into the design process and produce a design that is so original and unbelievably the coolest thing you've ever done - OR - you'll end up with a tattoo mistake that will remind you that you should have put more time and care into the whole design process. So, don't get stuck with a tattoo you hate...look around for ideas and inspiration, time is your friend NOT your enemy! Now, here's how you kick it up a notch and make certain you get a really cool unique tattoo.

Here listed below are a few more secrets to create your own unique tattoo designs.


First thing's first - this isn't like you're out shopping for some new shoes or the next "in" jacket...this is your OWN SKIN! Whatever it is that you have in your head about what's the latest trend in tattoo designs - smash that. Whatever you decide on needs to mean something to you. This needs to be meat-and-potatoes decision, something solid and familiar not something rash and tasteless that you tire of quickly.

Ask yourself - will my new tattoo out last today's fads and carry meaning in the years to come? How will you feel looking at your tattoo in 10, 20 or even 40 years time? You don't just need a great idea and design you need something that you'll be comfortable with for the rest of your life! You won't want to look in the mirror a few year's from now and want to take a potato-peeler to your not-so-flashy "flash". So choose wisely!! 

# Do Your Homework!

CLICK HERE - TO SEE MORE MENS UNIQUE TATTOO DESIGNSNo pressure here, but the very last thing you need to do is GO OUT AND RUSH to get your new ink. People rush into a whole lot of things, but getting a tattoo shouldn't be one of them. So, if you need inspiration to get your creative juices flowing you'll need to go online and search the Best Tattoo Sites where you'll find thousands of tattoo categories that will enable you to locate the designs that will best fire your imagination.

No, you don't need to write a 20-page dissertation on the subject, but you will need to compare your original ideas with other tattooing examples. What you don't want to do is take the plunge today and then next year wonder why nobody told you that the "Playboy Bunny" tattoo was 'funny at the time' but a looks a bit silly now! So, really think about your immediate and future tattooing issues.

Do your homework and research what goes into unique tattoo designs. What sets this flash apart from that?


# Ask Other Inklings - Is Your New Tattoo the Best Choice?

CLICK HERE - FOR TOP TIPS ON CREATING UNIQUE TATTOO DESIGNSWhen you settle on a design, get some opinions on it from other tattoo-lovers. Don't ask grandma what she thinks...unless she was in the Marines. You want to be able to flaunt it...or not, as the case may be. If you're getting this tattoo with a special someone in mind, get his or her opinion first.

Does the new tattoo endorse what you're after? Is the design the best reflection of your inventive nature? Does it need color, or just line work? There are people to help, you can sign up to online tattoo forums and ask those in the know or you can post your design in tattooing forums and ask for comments, be prepared though, as people can be quite 'brutal' with their remarks.   

# Find a Great Tattoo Artist Who Can Handle Cool Tattoo Designs

Having a great design is one thing, but can your local guy take the heat? Can he deliver the goods? Don't allow his tattooing inadequacies to become your tattooing mistake! If you have any doubt whatsoever then you'll need to look elsewhere. A good resource of flash online or tattoo forums should be able to hook you up with a solid artist in your area, one who knows their trade. Don't trust your skin to someone who's not had experience producing other Unique Tattoo Designs. Get talent behind the gun before you even bother to sit in the chair.

Are You Still Having Difficulty Finding Quality Unique Tattoo Designs? 

If the answer to the above question is YESthen I strongly recommend you visit one of the best online tattoo sites Tattoo Fever, where you will get immediate access to download top quality unique tattoo designs including some awesome FREE Bonuses.

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