Question: What are the concerns surrounding Tattoos and Pregnancy? 

Tattoos and PregnancyAnswer: If you’ve always wanted a tattoo, or want one to commemorate this special time in your life; the birth of your child, is now the best time to do it? Have you ever stopped and thought about the risks concerning Tattoos and Pregnancy? If not, then it is something that you should seriously consider before visiting your tattoo artist. 

Although there is little factual research on the subject many medical professionals do not feel pregnant women should consider getting a tattoo.


It is also worth noting that during pregnancy the way a woman sees and feels about her body is affected. A woman's priority at this important stage of her life should be the health of her unborn child and not her own desires.

You may feel that getting a tattoo during pregnancy is important to you despite all the advice to the contrary, but it may be something that you end up really regretting after the baby is born, especially if the decision was rushed or on impulse. It may well be true that there are no more risks when getting a tattoo when pregnant than getting a tattoo when not. Even in the best of situations, obtaining a tattoo is a mixed bag of risks, but when you add a pregnancy the cons far outweigh any potential benefits.

What are the risks involved with tattoos and pregnancy?

For Your Dream Tattoo - Click HereSkin Dyes - Modern tattooing inks are carbon based pigments that also have uses outside of commercial tattoo applications. Organic inks may contain foreign substances of dubious purity but the jury is still out on whether they are any safer than other types of ink. The chemicals tattoo artists use could be a concern to your baby especially within the first three months of the trimester. Currently, there is little information or research that shows the tattoo pigment interferes with a pregnancy, yet there is very little research to support either side.

Risk of Infections - You hear that some people believe that after getting inked they have felt unwell. One line of thought is they feel the tattoo ink finds it's way into their bloodstream, this is NOT TRUE. When a tattoo artist applies the ink, it is not injected into the epidermis, top layer of skin, as most people believe but into the dermis, the second, deeper layer of skin. These cells are very stable and practically permanent so leakage of ink into the bloodstream is highly unlikely.

At this time in your life your immune system is lower than normal due to the body focusing on your baby, so you will find yourself running a higher risk of getting some sort of infection. While infections are rare there is the potential for getting infected with Hepatitis B and HIV through unclean practices.


BEAUTIFUL TATTOOS AND PREGNANCYIf you are still determined to have a tattoo while pregnant then make sure you are at least into your second trimester and that you choose a professional practitioner, one who is willing to ink you whilst pregnant, and who uses disposable needles and  equipment that is scrupulously clean and has been properly sterilized. If your tattoo artist considers himself a professional he should question your knowledge of the risks involved and provide proper aftercare instructions.

If you are in the early stages of pregnancy and your condition is not openly visible it is very important that you advise your tattoo practitioner of your pregnancy condition. You will most likely find that the majority of tattoo artists will be unwilling to perform a tattoo on you because of your condition and the main reason for this will be for the concern and health of you and your baby.

Do you still have concerns about Tattoos and Pregnancy? 

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