Question: How to Choose Amazing Tattoo Letter Designs?

CLICK HERE - FOR THE BEST TATTOO LETTER DESIGNSAnswer: One of the best ways to express your individuality is with Tattoo Letter Designs. These types of designs cover such a broad spectrum that it would be highly unlikely that you would not be able to find a tattoo letter design that matched your personal requirements.

The vast range of Tattoo Letter Designs allows you to choose from some of the most amazing lettering styles for either your very first or subsequent tattoo and with a bit of imagination you can create a very unique and original design.

One of the best aspects of choosing lettering as a design is that unlike an image once you've decided on what you want to say with your tattoo you can really have CLICK HERE - FOR BEAUTIFUL TATTOO LETTER DESIGNS a great deal of fun browsing through all the various fonts and translations. If you delve further into the subject of Tattoo Letter Designs you will find today that more and more people are choosing to transcribe from their native language into one of the many forms and styles of foreign languages. This growing trend has undoubtedly been driven by the vast number of celebrities sporting these mysterious and unexplained tattoos.

Here to help are a few brief descriptions of some of the most popular Tattoo Letter Designs being used today...

TATTOO LETTER DESIGNS - OLD ENGLISHOLD ENGLISH - This is still one of the most popular styles being used today, other names for this type of font are black-letter and gothic script. This type of design is highly decorative with a great many flourishes that surround the lettering to make them ornate so they stand out. A popular trend for men is to go for large letters tattooed on their stomach or chest areas and the Old English fonts are ideal for this type of tattoo. For women, the wrist and neck areas are very popular for the smaller classic more elegant feminine designs. 

TATTOO LETTER DESIGNS - SANSKRITSANSKRIT - The Sanskrit is a classical Indian language whose form provides such artistry with it's exquisite appearance and elegant curves. Most people choosing Sanskrit are often looking to reflect a personal philosophy, something they ascribe to. The fact that Sanskrit is written in verse provides you with the ideal opportunity to transcribe your favorite spiritual quotes from Arabic, Buddhism or from any other quotation or passage, the choice is yours. Overall, Sanskrit tattoo designs are popular and accessible, have great depth of meaning, and beautiful, but there is one word of caution.....Translation, translating into Sanskrit is extremely risky and you must make sure you choose a reliable translator if you want to ensure that your tattoo says something like..."A true friend is the best possession", and not: "A true fiend is the best poison". You have been warned!


Ambigram - The Ambigram is a typographical art form that may be read as one or more words, TATTOO LETTER DESIGNS - ANGEL / DEVILforward and upside down. This beautiful lettered art form gives a real twist to your design. There are Symmetrical Ambigrams that say the same thing when looked at upside down and also Asymmetrical Ambigrams that say something different when looked at upside down. Some of the most popular Symmetrical Ambigrams include Carpe Diem (Latin: Seize The Day). Always N Forever, Death is Certain Life is Not, Only God Can Judge Me and Live with Love. Asymmetrical Ambigrams include Hope/Faith, Courage/Strength, Angel/Devil, Loyalty/Respect, Family/Forever and Saint/Sinner.

TATTOO LETTER DESIGNS - EGYPTIAN HIEROGLYPHSEgyptian Hieroglyphs - This complicated but beautiful form of ancient writing with traditions and myths of colorful, captivating gods and goddesses are firmly rooted in mythology and symbology. Hieroglyphics spell out stories of the pharaohs and their trials, tribulations and endings. They whisper of the Book of the dead and the wisdom needed to complete your journey from life and into what comes next. If one of them inspires you as the perfect design for a tattoo, then you can be assured you have chosen something very special.

There are many other Tattoo Letter Designs to consider including Arabic, Latin, Tibetan, Japanese Kanji, Graffiti, Mantra or Buddhism the list goes on, just make sure that whatever you choose you get the translation reliably checked, after all who wants to carry around a permanent reminder of a mistake!!

Are you still having difficulty finding quality Tattoo Letter Designs? 

If the answer to the above question is yesthen I strongly recommend you visit one of the best online tattoo sites Tattoo Ink Monster, where you will get immediate access to download Tattoo Letter Designs and literally thousands of other top quality designs including awesome FREE Bonuses.

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