Question: What Are The Different Styles of Tattoo Dragon Designs?

CLICK HERE - FOR TATTOO DRAGON DESIGNSAnswer: The beauty of tattoo dragon designs is that it doesn't really matter if you're after a full-body design, a half sleeve or a small hip design, Tattoo Dragon Designs are one of the few designs that lend themselves to be applied to nearly any part of the body. What the dragon design portrays is really dependent on the stylistic choices you make when deciding on a design, such as the look, size, location and the meaning behind the particular dragon.



Before we start looking at the various tattoo dragon designs it is vitality important that you spend a few moments learning and understanding the deep and symbolic meanings of this beautiful and mystical beast. Shrouded in mythology, the age-old legend of the dragon is instantly recognized as a classical tattoo design from which to craft and adorn a fusion of striking patterns onto the skin. The commanding presence of this creature is largely shaped and inspired by your personality and the unique personal messages you wish to reveal and share with the world. As such, each tattoo dragon designs are seen to be intricately bound to the wearer and as unique as the person who possesses it. 


Due to their universal appeal and the sheer beauty and power of these mythical beasts they definitely warrant attention as tattoo designs.


CLICK HERE - FOR BEAUTIFUL TATTOO DRAGON DESIGNSTattoo Dragon Designs are definitely one of the most beautiful and powerful of all the mythical tattoo designs and  you will find among the various styles of dragon that there lies many diverse variations and ‘breeds’ of dragon each unique in their own characteristics and persona.  


It is also important to consider your tattoo dragon designs color as the unique decoration of your chosen  design can heavily influence the character of your design and the symbolism it portrays.


As such, you may choose to embrace the elementary shades of black and grey, as this “dark” veil creates a design that portrays a more sinister and evil effect in its visual impact. Alternatively, you may wish to unleash and explore the rich multi-colored world of vibrancy to bring an enhanced sense of realism and symbolism (vigor) to your Tattoo Dragon Designs. For example, a green dragon can be seen to embody the organic traits of earth and life while gold dragons are revered as the kings and queens of dragons and a symbol of wealth and prosperity.


So, If you can envisage yourself as the bearer of a dragon tattoo, here are some key aspects to consider when choosing the right design.




The Western dragon is quite often seen as a symbol of aggression with a ferocious and primitive appearance. They can quite often look like a cross between a lizard and a bat with their long tails and powerful bat-like wings. This heavily scaled, red eyed fire-breathing dragon largely embodies the potent traits of intelligence, fierceness, strength and authority. 


Eastern (Oriental) Dragon Tattoos


Eastern tattoo Dragon designs convey strength, wisdom and freedom and have a reputation for being a very versatile design with many different meanings. This wingless, heavily-scaled proctor of the natural elements can be signified as being a good friend to humanity, has healing powers and brings good fortune. All this probably accounts for the popularity of this design.




Japanese tattoo dragon designs are seen by many as one of the most beautiful and colorful designs with its graceful appearance and slender shape. It has deep roots with its origins in Japanese mythology and is known to have very symbolic meanings. 

The common characteristics of this design is its lack of wings and serpentine body in addition it has the traits of courage, power, knowledge and freedom including power of transformation and invisibility. 


Chinese Dragon Tattoos


Dragons in Chinese culture have traditionally had a masculine appearance and are thought of as ancient and intelligent creatures. One of the main characteristics is their snake like appearance and quite often you will see that they have a flaming pearl underneath their chins. The Chinese dragon is known to convey good health, compassion, harmony, intellect, strength and good fortune.


Dragon Color - You will find that color can have a dramatic effect on your Tattoo Dragon Designs, so its wise to choose the color carefully.


Tattoo Dragon DesignsBlack Dragons - Black dragons are thought to be the most evil. They have deceptive ways and are often out only to meet their own needs.

Blue Dragons - Blue is a sullen, cold color that often is associated with the water or ice. Most blue dragons are calm and peaceful.

Bronze Dragons - Bronze and other metallic tones are generally classified as hoarders as they enjoy hoarding items that are shiny like them, namely gold and treasure.






Brown Dragons - Brown is the color of dirt and earth, they are known for their hoarding skills, but they also are known to roam from area to area instead of living in a single place. 


Tattoo Dragon DesignsGold Dragons - Gold dragons are revered as the kings and queens of dragons, however they are also a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Much like their other metallic counterparts, they hoard treasure and enjoy shiny objects.


Green Dragons - The green dragon is often associated with the world, vegetation, and nature. They attract people with earthly tidings and such wondrous things.


Purple Dragons - Purple dragons have been a symbol of royalty for a long time, possibly because the pigment is so hard to find in nature.


Red Dragons - Red dragons can vary from being symbols of love and passion to symbols of fire, anger, and bloodshed. Red dragons seem ferocious and dangerous, which adds to their terror.


Tattoo Dragon DesignsSilver Dragons - Silver dragons are thought to be very reflective and thoughtful. However, they like shiny object of any kind, but especially mirrors. They almost always hibernate and hide.


White Dragons - White dragons are among the wisest dragons there are. Perhaps because they are associated with the light and righteousness. Though white dragons are considered wise, most stories tell them as evil as well, because they never tell the whole truth.


Yellow Dragons -  Yellow dragons are the most revered and well-thought of all dragons and are symbols of sunshine, health, and wellness. 


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