Question: What Are The Different Styles Of  Sun Tattoo Designs?

CLICK HERE - FOR GREAT SUN TATTOO DESIGNSAnswer: Sun Tattoo Designs have been around for a long, long time and have always been and still are a very popular choice as a tattoo. Nowadays, you have a myriad of choices to make between traditional and modern styles, colors, patterns and designs. To begin with all you'll need is a little creative imagination and an understanding of differences between the sun's symbolism to create your own wonderful design.


Sun Tattoo Designs are one of most common and recognised symbols around today and most people seeing the sun tattoo are aware that it symbolizes all the characteristics and qualities of life giving energy and eternal renewal. It's structure can be either quite simple, monochromatic or a highly detailed, polychromatic design. A word of caution though, bright colors, especially yellows, do have a higher tendency to fade over time.

SUN TATOne of the best reasons to get a sun tattoo design is that you can place it on any part of the body. It can be a part of a large complex design on your back or a small petite design lingering seductively around your belly button. Whatever symbol you choose you can be sure that your sun tattoo designs will brighten up your day!


Sun Tattoo Designs can be found in many styles including tribal, Celtic and Aztec or rendered as evil angry sun's or flaming sun's. Although the sun is generally seen CLICK HERE - FOR MORE GREAT SUN TATTOO DESIGNSas a masculine symbol, by combining the sun with the Moon and Earth you enhance it's feminine features. Often you will see the Sun symbolically paired with these planets while on other occasions you may see a dot or point in the center of the sun symbolizing the blending of male and female forces. As a tattoo design and symbol the Sun represents fertility, vitality, passion, courage and eternally renewed youth, light and knowledge

Listed below are some examples of the meaning and symbolisms of Sun Tattoo Designs

SUN TATTOO DESIGNSSun Tattoo Designs are one of the most easily recognised of all tattoos and signify not only the shining virtues of both truth and light but also provide the capacity for eternal renewal.

The sun provides the centralizing force (or purpose) thatSUN TATTOO DESIGNS supports, assimilates and gives design to our own individual existence. 

SUN TATTOO DESIGNSSun or Celtic sun symbols can also be used as an indication for fertility for it was acknowledged as the source of life and once believed to be responsible for births, harvests and its healing powers.

SUN TATTOO DESIGNSFor the individual it can be used to symbolize your personal power, courage, vitality, leadership, vigor, knowledge and conviction. 

SUN TATTOO DESIGNSA very popular design is the tribal sun with a persons face inside as this is used by many as protection against the dangerous and negative traits in today's society.

SUN TATTOO DESIGNSYou will sometimes see the symbol of a black sun, this normally signifies the end of something old and the start of something new, like a new relationship, rebirth or reawakening. 


SUN TATTOO DESIGNSSome women feel that the sun is quite often thought of as a masculine figure and are worried about the message being portrayed, you need not worry. By combining the sun symbol with either the moon, earth or stars you soften the sun's harsh tone and emphasize the feminine features. It can also portray a sexual or spiritual union between the sexes.

SUN TATTOO DESIGNSThe most common Sun Tattoo Designs for men are designs that portray a malevolent inclination, like to destroy the happiness of others, or an angry or flaming sun that symbolizes the raw power and fire associated with the sun.

SUN TATTOO DESIGNSSometimes though people just prefer to have the sun tattooed to represent love, a passion or for anyone or anything in their life. So, having a tattoo in the design of the sun doesn't necessarily mean that you worship the sun, but that something about that particular design holds a special meaning to you.

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