Question: What Are The Different Kinds Of Sleeve Tattoo Designs?

CLICK HERE - FOR SLEEVE TATTOO DESIGNSAnswer: Sleeve Tattoo Designs can be categorized into three sections, full, half and quarter sleeve. The full sleeve will leave very little skin exposed and completely cover the arm. The half sleeve partially covers the top or bottom sections of the arm and is normally seen between the shoulder and elbow or elbow to wrist. The quarter sleeve consists of a tattoo that completely wraps around the arm and approximately  covers about a quarter of the arm. More often than not the quarter sleeve tattoo is placed on the upper part of the arm, between the shoulder and bicep.  

CLICK HERE- FOR CUTE SLEEVE TATTOO DESIGNSAlthough sleeve tattoo designs are generally thought of as being primarily for the arm you can also get a sleeve tattoo for the leg. The term "sleeve" is also used to describe a large leg tattoo that covers the leg area in a similar way to that of the arm sleeve.  

Sleeve Tattoo Designs can be any style of tattoo that completely covers an area of skin and can be made up of either one large tattoo or a combination of many smaller tattoos which are often interwoven to make one intricate arm or leg design. Generally the combined tattoos will be based on a common theme; however, you may find that by trying to combine smaller tattoos together you will require some creativity in blending the existing tattoos together to make one complete design.  

Depending on the size and whether you are going for a full sleeve or combining your existing tattoos into one design,  tattoo sleeves take a lot of patience, can be quite expensive and can involve hours of work and lots of trips to your artist’s studio. In order to create your ideal sleeve you’ll have to work closely on the design with your tattooist which may involve months even years of work to complete your design. 


CLICK HERE - FOR MEN'S SLEEVE TATTOO DESIGNSDesigning your own Sleeve Tattoo Design can be a very rewarding  experience and depending on the route you take, sleeve tattoo designs can be a great way to express your personality and originality, but before you rush out to get inked just make sure you’re comfortable with the overall cost, the length of time required to complete a large sleeve design and of course the future implications of having such a highly visible, permanent tattoo on your skin!

These are important issues and should not be taken lightly. The full sleeve on a man can be easily concealed but on a woman, depending on how she chooses to dress, concealment can be almost impossible.

Listed below are some examples of the different styles of Sleeve Tattoo Designs.   

CLICK HERE - FOR BEAUTIFUL SLEEVE TATTOO DESIGNSTribal Tattoo Sleeve - Tribal sleeve tattoos have become one of the most popular designs. They tend to be monochromatic and feature interesting geometric and/or complementary shapes and patterns. The traditional location for this type of design is the upper arm, typically from the shoulder to the bicep or elbow. 

Dragon Tattoo Sleeve - If you are looking for a full sleeve design then dragon subjects are one of the best. These designs work well as sleeves because they look best as a large design and cover a large area of skin.   

Flame Tattoo Sleeves - These can often work as part of a larger full sleeve tattoo. The flames typically start down at the wrist area and then move up the forearm. As you get towards the top or shoulder area other tattoos and designs can be incorporated.

CLICK HERE - FOR MEN'S SLEEVE TATTOO DESIGNSSkull Sleeve Tattoos - Skull sleeves are ideal for the half and quarter designs. They can be designed around many different skulls or be centered on just one large skull. Skulls can symbolize your rebellious side or portray death and human mortality.  

Flower Tattoo Sleeves - Floral designs are very versatile and can be used either as the main focal point of the sleeve or as accents to combine other parts of a sleeve tattoo. 

Japanese Tattoo Sleeves - The Japanese sleeve has become a very popular design because of its beautiful intricate designs and deep symbolic meanings. The traditional Japanese design will normally feature a samurai, koi fish or cherry blossom. Their beauty, use of color and rich symbolism has lead these designs to be highly sought after by men and women.

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