Question: What Are Religious Tattoo Designs and Symbols of Faith? 

CLICK HERE - TO ACCESSS RELIGIOUS TATTOO DESIGNSAnswer: Religious Tattoo Designs are signs of belonging to and the following of a particular doctrine and your unwavering belief in your deity, god, goddess or some other supreme being, so if you're seriously considering putting a symbol on your body that represents a religion that you are not totally familiar with, then I would really recommend that you do some serious research beforehand. Not only would it be foolish to represent a culture you don't worship or understand, but you might find that the religious beliefs are contrary to your own.


A symbol of faith is not to be confused with the religious tattoo, although you may feel that religion and faith go hand in hand. Faith is a belief that is not based on proof (which can also be said about religion), it is an obligation of loyalty, fidelity or the following of a code of ethics.

Spirituality in the form of a tattoo does not automatically tie in with a specific religious organization or belief system, but embraces the mystical and spiritual connections of other philosophies in the love and pursuit of wisdom by intellectual means and moral self-discipline.

So to sum up, Religious Tattoo Designs that are centered on religion, faith or spirituality provide lasting symbols of your devotion whether you practice in an organized religion or you worship on your own, a tattoo that reflects your devotion is a lasting demonstration of what you value and believe.

Listed below are some examples of the different forms of Religious, Spiritual and Faith tattoo designs.  


1. Image of Christ
2. Crucifix or Cross
3. Rosary
4  Hand of Fatima
5. The Oil Lamp
6. Crown of thorns
7. Crescent with Star
8. Star of David
9. Dove
10 Sacred Hearts
11. Angels
12. The Virgin Mary
13. The Last Supper
14. The Chalice
15. Verses of the Quran
16. The Grail
17. The Holy Trinity
18. Madonna
19. Praying Hands
20. Sign of the Fish

Spiritual Tattoo Designs:      Faith Tattoo Designs:

1. Buddha                           1. The Universal Symbol of Life
2. Yin Yang                         2. Peace, Olive Branch, Doves 
3. New Age                         3. Celestial Bodies - Suns, Stars, Moons and Comets
4. Eastern spirituality            4. Mythological Creatures 
5. Ankh and Eternity             5. Symbols of Natural, Physical or Material Worlds   
6. Native American               6. Freedom, Wings, Kanji, Patriotic
7. Sacred Talisman               7. Power, Astrology, Words and Phrases

Religious: Depending on your religion and the strength of your devotion you may wish to symbolise your convictions with traditional religious icons such as the image of Christ, the Crucifix or the Star of David, while others may find they prefer the more symbolic designs like Angels, Crown of Thorns or praying hands. 

CLICK HERE - TO ACCESS RELIGIOUS TATTOO DESIGNSFaith: It doesn't really matter how you define your 'faith', you may decide on one or multiple gods, celestial bodies, nature, mythological creatures, Science, Aliens or the purple people eater! It's your faith, affirmation or belief and it shouldn't matter what others think. Religious Tattoo Designs are extremely personal, you and you alone have the right to your own faith.

Spirituality: Is for those who believe that all of nature has a deep spiritual life and are not necessarily tied to a specific religious organization or belief. Most often, it is people from Western backgrounds and religions that choose these kinds of non-western images, perhaps they have grown tired of the traditional ritualistic religious organizations and the old symbols they grew up that no longer have the same allure. Looking for something different they now find themselves attracted to the spiritual and unpretentiousness of the simplicity of these other symbols, e.g. the whimsical humor of the fat Buddha, or the artistic elegance of the Yin Yang.   


Words of Caution
CLICK HERE - FOR MORE RELIGIOUS TATTOO DESIGNSThe subject of religious tattoo designs is often controversial because most religions forbid the act of tattooing, but in spite of the warnings people still continue to pursue a religious tattoo to expose their devotion and faith. If you do decide to get a religious tattoo design then you will sometimes see the same image represented by different faiths and you may well find more than one meaning for a particular icon. Religious tattoo designs can be quite controversial, so sometimes it's best to ignore everything you read and follow your heart.

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