Question: I'm Thinking Of Purchasing an Online Tattoo Design?

CLICK HERE - TO ACCESS ONLINE TATTOO DESIGNAnswer: Once you have made a decision on the type of design you want for your tattoo the next step is to find the best place to get your concept turned into a true and realistic representation of your personal inspiration. There are a number of options available from online tattoo design, visiting your local tattoo parlor or buying the latest specialised tattoo magazines, but more and more people today are opting to use the power of the internet. The major reason behind this surge in demand for online tattoo designs is the ability to browse through thousands of tattoo designs at your own leisure and in the comfort of your own home.


You may have already decided that purchasing your online tattoo design is the way to go but there are still many pitfall's that await the unsuspecting novice, with credit card in hand making rash and reckless decisions trying to create your own unique tattoo designs can leave you with a permanent reminder of your unguided enthusiasm.

Here listed below are 10 of the most important points that you should consider before buying your online tattoo design:    

1. How can shopping online compare with visiting a tattoo parlor and talking to other people involved within the tattoo culture?

CLICK HERE - TO LEARN MORE ABOUT ONLINE TATTOO DESIGNEasy. The best tattoo sites will have a forum, contact information and great customer service. Try to stick with sites that have some way to interact with others in the tattoo culture, which make the sites with forums your best bet.

You don't ever want to see a design, print it out, and get inked, all without someone else to talk things over with. Get real opinions from real people. Forums are great for that, and the best thing is that the online forums have ink-minded people who know what they're talking about. Don't ask your mailman about it!

2. What if I don't like the design, then what - I'm stuck with a lame design?

When you purchase online tattoo designs, you need to make sure you stick with a site that has some sort of money-back guarantee. You don't want to be stuck with some lame design because you couldn't re-think the thing. Buying a tattoo design online without a guarantee is like dumping your credit cards into a dumpster.

3. Can you see image galleries of the tattoos on real models?

You don't want to select a tattoo without viewing a selection of similar tats on other people, even if you venture into a tattoo parlor you'll want to be able to browse through folders of real-life models with designs that are similar to yours.  Don't buy a tattoo - even if it's the sexiest, toughest, most intricate-looking or photo realistic tattoo design you'd ever seen - unless you have something to compare it against. Tattoo mistakes are permanent and you DO NOT want to think you've done your research without having a library of images to compare your online tattoo design against. Make sure the distributor has hundreds, if not thousands, for you to choose from, organized neatly by category to narrow your search.

4. Can you edit the image?

Does the online tattoo design studio allow you to edit their images, combine tattoo designs to see what they look like together (in case you want a bigger design) or design your own tattoo from scratch? Can you edit the lettering, scale tattoos, etc.? This is YOUR design, you want to display on YOUR body, and are spending YOUR money - you need to be able to edit the image or get sound advice from the site that you're dealing with on how best to do that.

5. What if your local "artist" can't hang with the tough-looking design you found?

With the proper site, you should be able to be plugged into a locator of some sort to find a real brick-and-mortar shop that's capable of delivering on the goods. No use getting a design that you can't get done.


6. What sort of advice can you expect with online tattoo design?

This is getting back to the first question and much depends on the site, so stick with sites that offer advice in some fashion before and after you pick your tattoo designs from anyone online.

7. Why buy an online tattoo when there are numerous free online tattoo designs available?

At first glance "free" artwork looks like a good option but the problems most people encounter with these "free" websites is that the quality of the artwork is generally poor and rarely includes a proper stencil to take to your tattoo artist, worse still once you look a bit further you will find that many of the tattoo designs are not really free at all.

8. What is "Tattoo-Friendly" Artwork?

It doesn't matter if this is your first tattoo, an ink addict or know someone already with tattoos. The fact is you’ve likely had a run-in with an idea or type of abstract design that just didn’t work well as a tattoo. Many have learned this lesson the hard way as their tiny, hyper-detailed tattoo grew quickly into a messy, unidentifiable blob. It is worth remembering that not all of the artwork that inspires you will be "tattoo-friendly" — that is, although the design may be possible to recreate on the skin as you originally intended, ultimately some designs will translate to skin more successfully than others. You need to allow adequate space in the artwork design to compensate for the aging process, sun fade and even gravity. Once you understand what constraints exist as to what will make your tattoo hold up over time you can prevent future disappointment and heartache. 

9. Why you should understand the importance of the tattoo stencil

The tattoo stencil is most often thought of as the "blueprint" of your design. It consists of the basic monochromatic structure of the tattoo combining line thickness, shading and spacing and should represent an accurate guide for your tattoo artist. There can be no doubt that without the use of a matching stencil you are more likely to suffer from the disappointment of your tattoo design being either misinterpreted, incorrectly sized or poorly positioned, so make sure your online tattoo comes with a matching stencil and avoid permanent and costly mistakes.  

10. There are so many websites offering online tattoos, how can I decide which ones are worth buying from?

Now, after reading all the previous information you should have realised the importance of using a reputable provider for your online tattoo design, but before you decide it is important you ask yourself a couple of questions......

1. Have I done my research? Checked out tattoo review forums and compiled a list of some of the best tattoo sites recommended by users?

2. Does the website offer a really good selection of original artwork's that are not only creative and unique but also provide a matching stencil to take to your tattoo artist.

3. Does the website offer exceptionally high quality artwork that was designed to be a genuine tattoo and not something that may look good on your computer screen but not on your skin.

4. Will the website provide access to forums, offer a money-back guarantee and provide secure payment security?


 Thinking Of Purchasing An Online Tattoo Design? 

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