Question: What Defines the Ultimate Men Tattoo Designs?

CLICK HERE - TO ENTER MEN TATTOO DESIGNS Answer: Sailors. Prisoners. Bikers and Freaks. Men Tattoo Designs in the Western world were once the mark of the outcast, of the rocker and the rebel - of a certain kind of macho dominated culture. Man has been getting tattooed for years and the brash and macho designs of the past have, although still popular, now been overtaken in popularity by masculine designs such as Tribal and Steampunk tattoo designs.

Male tattoo designs today are less of the skull and crossbones designs and more of the innovative and abstract designs that not only enhance their masculinity but also exhibit a distinctive but intangible quality that seems to surround the wearer.   

So, what type of man freely chooses to fill their pores with ink? We'll nowadays it can be anyone ranging from medical professionals, businessmen to professional athletes and rock stars, there are a million and one reasons why more men are getting their bodies tattooed, some like to show off, others like to display a message. Whatever the reason men tend to go for the bigger styles like biomechanical designs, although bigger is not necessarily better they are a great attention grabber!

CLICK HERE - FOR MEN TATTOO DESIGNS WITH ATTITUDEThe way men decide on a tattoo design varies, while some will use them to mark a drastic change in their lives others will use them to highlight something that has influenced them, either in a positive or negative way. Some may look to use Men Tattoo Designs as a medium to reveal their sense of honor or loyalty or to emphasize a meaningful aspect that has literally changed their lives.

While some may use tattoo lettering to announce the birth of a baby, others may use dragon designs to represent their ex-partners. Whatever the reason, there's no doubt that many men get a tattoo not just because they think it's cool and looks good but as a way to express who the are, what they have lived through and how they see themselves in relation to others and to their social worlds. Men Tattoo Designs are a statement and a subjective statement at that, bodyart is something personal to every individual. Tattoos are no longer taboo -- they've been part of mainstream culture for some time now and it's clear that they're here to stay.


Selection Process

CLICK HERE - FOR CELEBRITY MEN TATTOO DESIGNSSo, what is the ultimate men tattoo design? When it comes to choosing a tattoo there are generally two types of guys. The first will be looking to make some sort of personal connection with his tattoo. He will be quite cautious in the design process and will mull over every detail. He is after perfection and can take months to research the intricacies and meanings of his design.

The second guy tends to be the spur-of-the-moment type and as such will not be concerned over trivial things like intricacies and meanings. A lot of these men may have been longing for a tattoo for some time but never really reflected on why they want one, they are after instant gratification and they'll most likely select a tattoo because of how it looks rather than what it represents.

Listed below are some examples of the different types of men tattoo designs.

  • Figurative tattoos
    This type of design can be referred to "naturalistic" relating to artistic representation by means of animal or human figures. These designs including religious and pin-up designs require meticulous detailing including shading, perspective and other techniques in order to accurately characterize the subject.
  • Primitive tattoos
    Primitive tattoos are generally taken from a very uncomplicated style of tattooing. They are quite basic in their design, without colour and formed using black ink and simple gray shading. Some of the most popular designs are tribal, old English lettering and Chinese symbols.
  • Memorial Tattoos
    Memorial tats, also known as Pledge or Dedication tattoos, although still popular with some groups like sailors, the military and various types of gangs they have lost favour within the mainstream. Some of the most popular memorial tattoos include military emblems, gang insignia and tribute tattoos.
  • Biomechanical Tattoos
    Biomechanical tattoos (Bio-Mech) is the popular artistic style of intricately infusing elements of machinery and robotics with the natural human form. This unique tattooing style utilizes a “trick of the eye” technique from which to craft strikingly real ‘3D’ images onto your own skin. This helps create the realistic vision of ‘what lies beneath’ your external living tissue and exposes the wires, gears and electronics that form your inner-most workings. 
  • Convoluted Tattoos
    This group is very similar to the biomechanical design in that they have a very complicated; intricately involved and complex design but with convoluted tattoos they tend to use a combination of other complex structures and jumbles of unrelated images with little or no connecting theme or fill. Some of the most popular tattoos within this group include the Japanese body suit, half-sleeve, oriental and fantasy designs.

If this is your first tattoo then you might want to opt for something discreet both in size and color, remembering that not everyone may be as liberal as you are!

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