Question: Lower Back Tattoos: How Do I Choose A Design?

CLICK HERE - FOR LOWER BACK TATTOOSAnswer: Before you decide if a Lower Back Tattoo is for you, it might be worth considering what the other names for this type of tattoo are i.e. The Bulls Eye Tattoo, Tribal Tramp Stamp, Ass Antlers, Whore Tag, Bitch Tat and The California License Plate.

Try not to be put off though, although it is true that Lower Back Tattoos, when done right, can be very feminine, stylish and sexy, it is also worth remembering that although some people see them as really appealing and trendy others may view them as cheap, dated and quite unappealing, after all it just depends on whether you care what other people think of YOU!

Now, if after reading the previous comments you are still determined to get inked you must now be thinking OK, so what are my options? How do I choose a style that's right for me from the vast array of lower back tattoos?

CLICK HERE - FOR SEXY LOWER BACK TATTOOSOne of the best points about Lower back Tattoos is the area on which the tattoo artist has to work on. The lower back provides a great canvas because it has a large smooth area that curves gently around the hips; it is also an area of the body that doesn’t change drastically with the person’s age and weight variations. The result is a design that retains it’s shape and color and can accommodate either a large and striking tattoo or something small and discreet.

The other great advantage about the placement of Lower Back Tattoos is having the ability to flaunt or conceal the tattoo with ease, providing you, with decision on when and where it’s displayed.

Tattoo placement is personal to each individual but generally you will find lower back tattoos or Tail Bone Tattoos mainly chosen by women. Why? Because women see the lower back as a very sexy spot and by enhancing the area with their own personal statement they create curiosity in the observer. You will find that some men also favor the lower back tattoo placement, but generally the majority of men prefer a much larger tattoo that covers more of the back region.

Because of the popularity and commonness of the centrally positioned lumbar tattoo or lower back tattoo more and more people are opting for a slightly off centre position. The use of the area either side of the hips tends to look more original and does not carry the same stigma as the centrally located tattoo.

CLICK HERE - FOR MENS LOWER BACK TATTOOSWhat then are the most popular designs?
Tribal, Flower, Hearts, Celtic, Wings, Fairies, you name it! Any oblong design lends itself perfectly to the lower back area and although there are many variations, instead of finding something traditional you could try something more personal and distinctive like a round design or barcode tattoo that provides a unique expression for the wearer.

Listed below are a few tips to help get great Lower Back Tattoos

Consideration - Nothing is off limits when it comes to tattoo design and there is no good or bad design it’s just you and your imagination. Just remember a tattoo is for life, so think about still having it in 30 years time (unless you get it removed). It may be cool now but it does not mean it will be cool in the future.

Decision - If you have the slightest doubt about your design whether it’s the size, pattern or position then wait, go back over your decision process and try to find out why you have doubts. Make sure you're not being influenced by your peers or being pressurised into making an on-the-spot decision. Only proceed when you are completely happy about the process and understand the long term effects.

TO SEE MORE LOWER BACK TATTOOS - CLICK HERETattooing - One last thing….Find a good, NO GREAT, Tattoo Artist and ask all the right questions. Never feel afraid to walk away if you feel uncomfortable in any way, be polite and don’t get pressurized into a wrong decision. You may also want to consider getting a temporary tattoo to begin with if you harbour any doubts with getting inked. They are a safe way to start with and a great way to try out the design and placement before making any permanent decisions.

Are you still having difficulty finding quality Lower Back Tattoos?

If the answer to the above question is yesthen I strongly recommend you visit one of the best online tattoo sites Tattoo Me Now, where you will get immediate access to download great Lower Back Tattoos and literally thousands of other top quality tattoo designs including awesome FREE Bonuses.

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