Question: What Are The Different Symbolisms Of Heart Tattoo Designs?

CLICK HERE - FOR BEAUTIFUL HEART TATTOO DESIGNSAnswer: Despite the huge variety and symbolisms of Heart Tattoo Designs, most people still struggle to find their ideal heart tattoo from the myriad of designs available. The question of how to choose one is still an issue of importance for anyone wishing to acquire a heart tattoo.

When you ask someone to describe or picture a heart tattoo most will describe it as the universal symbol of love or a red heart with an arrow shooting through its centre. Although these tend to be the most common descriptions of Heart tattoos there are literally thousands to choose from, but quite often the final design has as much to do with the personality and creativity of the individual as anything else.

Heart Tattoo Designs come in all shapes and sizes, the basic heart symbol is best used to describe feelings of togetherness, passion, commitment or love lost, but when combined with other symbols they can take on a whole new set of meanings.

Listed below are some examples of the meaning and symbolisms of Heart Tattoo Designs 

The Red Heart - Is one of the simplest symbols of love and needs no description or explanation. Red heart tattoo designs say it all, and it has long been the trend to personalize it with your lovers name or add simple quotes like 'Forever as one' or 'I love you', etc. 

CLICK HERE - FOR TRIBAL HEART TATTOO DESIGNSThe Tribal Heart - This Heart Tattoo Design often consists of simple black tribal lines and angled strokes but lacks any wording. Similar to most other heart tattoos, a tribal heart is associated with love; however, it can pose a youthful rebellious charm that no other heart design can. 

The Sacred Heart - The sacred heart tattoo is generally pictured as a religious symbol and is generally associated with a profound spiritual and cultural connection. A typical sacred heart is quite often seen surrounded by thorns or flames and can also depict the traits of strength and sacrifice. 

CLICK HERE - FOR BLEEDING HEART TATTOO DESIGNSThe Bleeding or Broken Heart Tattoo - Although some see this as a symbol of courage in the face of misfortune, most see it as representing the other side of love such as betrayal, distrust, rejection, unhappiness, bitterness and extreme sadness. It may feel like the right thing to do at the time but will you want a permanent reminder of such an unhappy time in your life? 

The Celtic Heart - Is known as the knot of love or is used to symbolize the union of souls and is typically portrayed to express your devoutness to your treasured loved ones. 

CLICK HERE - FOR UNIQUE HEART TATTOO DESIGNSThe Locked or Intertwined Heart - This heart design has become very fashionable for men and women and has come to represent commitment and togetherness. A locked heart and key is the most popular way for couples to symbolize the strength of their relationship as one partner gets the locked heart tattooed and other partner gets the tattoo of the symbolic keys to the heart. The intertwined heart can have your names interwoven around one or two hearts and symbolizes passion, warmth, adoration, affection and fondness.


The Winged Heart - Is easily the best design to use to portray the many number of feelings or emotions. For love you can CLICK HERE - FOR WINGED HEART TATTOO DESIGNSflaunt your lovers name for all to see or for secret love you can use the wings to wrap around the heart for concealment. Winged hearts also symbolize personal freedom or the person's joyous and free-spirited nature, some like it to represent their freedom from addictions or dependencies. In religious terms the association is with angels being the carriers of your prayers to God or in the memorial winged heart, used by people to symbolize the departure of a loved one and of angels carrying their soul to heaven 

CLICK HERE - FOR ROSE HEART TATTOO DESIGNSThe Rose Heart - This is defiantly one for the romantics since both hearts and roses symbolize love and romance.  

The Pierced Heart - There is an endless array of objects that can be used to pierce the heart tattoo. Arrows can symbolize focused energy or love lost while Cupid's arrows represent falling in love. Other piercing items may include swords, daggers and even wooden stakes. Gangs have also been known to use this symbol to represent loyalty and unbreakable faith. 

The Anatomical Heart - If you're looking for a more edgy or realistic heart design then you can't look past this one. In love it portrays a more genuine and deep felt closeness while for some it represents a heart related disease or recovery from a damaged heart. 

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