Question: How To Choose Beautiful Flower Tattoo Designs?

LOOKING FOR THE BEST FLOWER TATTOO DESIGNS?Answer: Some of the most popular tattoo designs are ones that depict forms of nature; among then, flower tattoo designs have become the personification of nature and concise symbols of the cycle of life. There has always been a deep connection between flowers and people and by using floral symbols we are reminded that we are also part of natures intricate and extremely beautiful world.

BEAUTIFUL FLOWER TATTOO DESIGNSToday, you can choose from literally thousands of amazing flower tattoo designs and symbols, with most people wanting a design that portrays either some personal value, a symbolical meaning or one that is just a really beautiful looking design.

An eternal symbol of spring, life, rebirth, beauty and fertility, floral tattoos are generally selected more by women than men. While women see Flower Tattoo Designs as a way to enhance their femininity through the delicate and intricate lines of the flower, men on the other hand prefer to incorporate floral designs with other styles of tattoo like tribal, nameplates, crosses, daggers and skulls. One floral tattoo that you may see on men is the Hawaiian Hibiscus or Orchid flower design, these flowers despite their floral compositions are not seen as being particularly feminine despite their beauty.


CLICK HERE - FOR SEXY FLOWER TATTOO DESIGNS Placement of flower tattoo designs depend solely on the individual, women prefer to have them on either their shoulders, arms, breasts, hips, lower back, legs and feet, while men tend to opt for the shoulder and arm areas or combined with another tattoo. Floral tattoos can be very detailed in their design or extremely simple, while some of you may choose to have small discrete designs others will prefer to portray bold and vibrant floral designs that cover large areas of the body.


Given all the different varieties and exotic meanings of floral designs you may find it difficult to decide on your perfect design, so listed below to help you choose are some of the most popular Flower Tattoo Designs and their meanings. 

Flower Tattoo Designs - The RoseRoses - There are a few different variations of the rose tattoo.

The Red Rose - Stands for not only love and romance but also courage.
Rosebuds - Portray someone's beauty and youth.
The Pink Rose - Represents grace and admiration.
The White Rose - Symbolizes eternal love and innocence.

Flower Tattoo Designs - The Lotus FlowerLotus Flower - The Lotus flower and the Rose are considered to be two of the most powerful symbols of Floral Tattoos. The lotus flower is seen often in Indian and Chinese mythology, where it is a symbol for spiritual awakening. Just like cherry blossom, the lotus flower is often seen in Japanese tattoo designs.

Flower Tattoo Designs - SunflowerSunflower Tattoo - Sunflower tattoo designs can be particularly striking. Just as the sunflower itself is bolder and more impact than most other flowers (due to its size and color), a sunflower tattoo is generally bigger and bolder than most other flower tattoos. A big sunflower is a symbol for loyalty. A smaller sunflower means adoration.


Flower Tattoo Designs - Daisy FlowerDaisy Tattoo - Overall the white Daisy flower represents innocence but it's meaning can change according to it's color. They are very much in keeping with a feminine, ladylike appearance (Daisy is also a common girl's name) and are usually small in appearance.

The Daisy is a flower that represents virtuousness, loyalty in love, purity and faith. However, the yellow center often portrays a hidden corruption within something that may seem so innocent 

Flower Tattoo Designs - Hibiscus FlowerHibiscus Tattoo - The Hibiscus is also a popular tattoo flower. It is a tropical flower (the state flower of Hawaii ) and is usually red or yellow. The symbolic meaning of a Hibiscus tattoo is delicate beauty or consumed by love.

Men that choose the Hibiscus flower tattoo design will normally combine it with masculine designs such as Celtic and Tribal Tattoo Designs.


If you're searching for tattoo meanings of rare flowers and what they symbolize, check out our A - Z list below.

Beautiful Flower Tattoo DesignsACACIA - Concealed love, chaste love
ALMOND BLOSSOM - Hope, lover's charm
ANEMONE - Forsaken, undying love, truth, sincerity, anticipation
ANGELICA - Inspiration, magic
AZALEA - Temperance, fragile passion, fragility
BABY'S BREATH - Everlasting love, pure in love
BIRD of PARADISE - Magnificence
BLUEBELL - Humility, constancy
BUTTERCUP - Childishness, cheerfulness
CACTUS - Endurance
CARNATION - Fascination, bonds of affection, energy
CHERRY BLOSSOM - Spiritual beauty
CHRYSANTHEMUM - Best friend, cheerfulness
CORNFLOWER - Delicacy, refinement
COWSLIP - Pensiveness, winning grace
CROCUS - Cheerfulness, gladness, mirth
DAFFODIL - Regard, respect, unrequited love
DAHLIA - Good taste, instability
DOGWOOD - Durability, Forgetfulness, undiminished love
EDELWEISS - Daring, noble courage
EUCALYPTUS - Protection
FORGET ME NOT - True love, memories
FOXGLOVE - Insincerity
FUCHSIA - Confiding love
GARDENIA - Refinement
GERANIUM - Stupidity, folly, comfort
GLADIOLI - Sincerity
HAREBELL - Submission, grief
HONEYSUCKLE - Bonds of love
HYDRANGEA - Frigidity, heartlessness
IRIS - Friendship, affection, faith, hope, wisdom, valor
JASMINE - Amiability, sensuality, joy, grace, elegance

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Woman's Sleeve Flower Tattoo DesignLAVENDER - Devotion, distrust
LILY of the VALLEY - Sweetness, happiness, humility
MAGNOLIA - Magnificence, perserverance, nobility
MARIGOLD - Cruelty, grief, jealousy
NARCISSUS - Egotism, formality, self esteem 
ORANGE BLOSSOM - Chastity, eternal love, innocence, wisdom
ORCHID - Love, rare beauty, refinement
PANSY - Thoughts, love, happiness
PEACH BLOSSOM - I'm yours, longevity
POPPY - Eternal sleep, oblivion, imagination

SWEETPEA - Departure, blissful & delicate pleasure
THISTLE - Austerity, sternness
TULIP - Perfect lover, declaration of love
VIOLET - Watchfulness, faithfulness, modesty
WATER LILY - Purity of heart
ZINNIA - Thoughts of absent friends, lasting affection

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Flower Tattoo Designs

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