Question: What Are Biomechanical Tattoo Designs? 

CLICK HERE - FOR BIOMECHANICAL TATTOO DESIGNSAnswer: Biomechanical Tattoo Designs(Bio-Mech) are the popular artistic style of intricately infusing elements of machinery and robotics with the natural human form (perhaps offering a glimpse into the not so distant future!). This unique tattooing style utilizes a “trick of the eye” technique from which to craft strikingly real ‘3D’ images onto your own skin. This helps create the realistic vision of ‘what lies beneath’ your external living tissue and exposes the wires, gears and electronics that form your inner-most workings.


For example, imagine from a deep wound to your arm that you not only see the blood and living tissue but you reveal your body elaborately intertwined with live robotic parts!

Traditionally, the color scheme of Biomechanical Tattoo Designs are embellished by shades of black and grey which typify the ‘gritty’ and ‘steely’ metallic tinge we often associate with machinery and metal. This design scheme enables a highly realistic simulation to take shape and enables the artist to effectively blend and craft the desired pattern onto the skin. Alternatively, more contemporary biomechanical tattoo designs have expanded out into the broad spectrum of color and draw on expressions of vibrancy as additional methods to reveal your ‘true colors’ and celebrate your individuality.

These customizable arrays of color together with the captivating effects of ‘3D’ combine to create one of the most dynamic, popular and recognizable tattoo designs. This is well portrayed on modern television shows such as Miami and LA ink.


CLICK HERE - TO ACCESS BIOMECHANICAL TATTOO DESIGNSIf you’re looking for a modern and elaborate tattoo then a biomechanical design is a great choice. The allure of the design is particularly suited to the tastes of those with a science fiction or fantasy flare and serves as a great ‘attention grabber’. You may also want to check out Steampunk Tattoo Designs.

Biomechanical tattoo designs are largely shaped by the hidden potential or the unique preconceptions you hold about yourself – That is, a specific design is often purposeful and holds a high personal significance. Perhaps, a ‘tear’ in your skin depicts an underlying exoskeleton of titanium and metal pistons which signifies your underlying strength and the relentless ‘driving force’ which carries you through each day.

Biomechanical Tattoo Designs are a popular choice for both large and small designs and as such present many ways to express and tailor these unique personal messages. Biomechanical tattoo designs are often seen to flow very well with the arm due to the potential to offer both half or full-sleeve design schemes. They also bode well as larger designs when situated on the back, calves and thigh area. However, such large pieces are often costly. Alternatively, for smaller designs, the chest and shoulder area offer appealing positions from which to provide a revealing ‘sneak peak’ into the real you.

Listed below are some of the best tips when considering a biomechanical tattoo design

CLICK HERE - TO ENTER BIOMECHANICAL TATTOO DESIGNSTHE TATTOO ARTIST: The experience and skill of your tattoo artist is critical to realizing your ideal biomechanical tattoo design. As such, you need to be prepared to shop around and view a wide range of portfolios to ensure you find an experienced artist who possess the specialized skill to craft your unique biomechanical piece. Remember, don’t rush into things - thorough research will yield its own results. 

THE COLOR SCHEME: This is another aspect that warrants careful consideration. While most people opt for the traditional shades of black and silver to render a futuristic vibe, a skillful touch of red can be used to signify organic traits of muscle, tissue and blood. In addition, varied tones of blue laced with subtle highlights of white bode well to enhance the strength and vigor of metallic structures. Such colors also lend themselves well for wires, cables and tubing you may also wish to incorporate. Naturally, this broad selection of the color presents an endless combination of designs to befit the wearer. 

LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION: While the position of your tattoo is ultimately dictated by personal preference, the most appealing designs are seen to naturally flow with the unique physical contours of the human body i.e. shape and muscle tone. As such, well muscled areas of the arm and leg present ideal platforms to shape the desired tattooing style. In addition, ‘boney landmarks’ of the human body (particularly the spine and rib cage) provide excellent natural ridges and depressions from which to generate new ideas of creativity and realism. In summary – the artist MUST be able to match the desired biomechanical tattoo designs to the dimensions of your OWN body in order to make the tattoo appear realistic. 


CLICK HERE - FOR MORE BIOMECHANICAL TATTOO DESIGNSA CUSTOM DESIGN: The very nature of a biomechanical tattoo designs often calls for a customized artwork to ensure the individuality of each piece. As such, you need to be prepared to consult and collaborate on a personalized design with your chosen artist. It is important to remember that you want the tattoo to capture your true feelings and express the unique message you wish to portray. Therefore, questions fundamental to the size, shape, color and location of the tattoo should feature heavily in your discussions. 

TIME & PATIENCE: Given the intricacy and high degree of skill required to craft a biomechanical tattoo it is wise to be prepared for multiple sittings. This is especially true given the time to complete larger pieces situated on the arm (full sleeve), the thigh and the back. Alternatively, if you are planning a smaller piece, your artist may be able to complete the design in one sitting. 

Are You Still Having Difficulty Finding Quality Biomechanical Tattoo Designs? 

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