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About is an exciting new project that has been set up to provide help, information and guidance for anyone that is looking to get a tattoo, searching for a design or requires advice concerning tattoo issues.

We know that getting a tattoo can be an exhilarating, if not frightening experience and choosing what and where to get your tattoo is often where most people struggle. If you have never been inked before it can seem pretty daunting and somewhat overwhelming with the variety of designs available, but with a little forethought, consideration, and the help of this site, we hope you are able to take the next step towards getting your perfect tattoo.

You will also find details about many different types of tattoo designs on this site, plus we have the 10 Best Tattoo Site evaluations for quality and value for money on the internet today. These sites will provide you with an amazing selection of tattoo designs that are guaranteed to amaze and astound you.

It is our aim to constantly improve and update this site and we would appreciate any feedback or recommendations that you feel would help us achieve our goal. Contact Us

Please take time to browse through the articles on this site and enjoy!

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