Question: Where's The Best Advice on Tattoo Issues & Designs?  

For The Best Tattoo Issues & Designs - Click HereAnswer: It's right Here! We've created this Tattoo Issues site to use as your personal insiders guide to Tattooing and Tattoo Designs. If you want to learn about the latest trends and designs or just require directions to some of the Best Tattoo Sites then this site is for you. You will also gain immediate access to the best online tattoo websites for downloads of the latest, most awesome tattoo designs and stencils available today.

This Tattoo Issues and design Guide will also provide you with simple solutions to design great looking tattoos, so it doesn't matter if you're a tattoo virgin, looking to get your first tattoo or a die hard tattoo fanatic, we'll address your tattoo issues and concerns and provide you with all the relevant info and recommendations to assist you in your tattoo decision making process.

Today, the tattoo and body art industry covers such a broad spectrum that it never ceases to push the boundaries of creativeness and technological advancements so it's highly important you have the latest, up to date information before deciding to get inked!

Tattooing today is a BOOMING industry and you will not have to look far to find someone who is either thinking about, have already got or are experiencing tattoo issues. We've done all the hard work and research for you in this ONE-OF-A-KIND resource guide. So lets get started......

How To Come up with a *killer* Design?

Tattoo Issues - Finding Your Perfect DesignAnswer: You may be one of the many that are no longer satisfied with a generic tattoo that an unknown number of others already have, you want to raise the bar, be unique, an individual, someone whose tattoo screams 'original masterpiece', but how do you get these 'killer' unique tattoo designs? This is commonly the first and hardest part in choosing a tattoo…But time and again it is the one thing people often make a lot harder than it needs to be.

Once you've decided on the significance of your tattoo you then have to consider how you're going to symbolize that occasion or experience through a piece of visual artwork. There are a few common tattoo mistakes that the majority of people make and constantly looking around for that picture-perfect design is top of the list. Most of the time you will find something wrong with the tattoo design or it may be that the size is wrong or that the design is lacking in detail and as a consequence you end up frustrated and irritated that you are unable to find your ideal tattoo design.

Tattoo Issues - Finding Your Perfect Design

So you've now worked out what your tattoo issues are and that It’s going to be pretty unlikely that you’re going to discover a tattoo design that fits your parameters 100% no matter how long or how hard you look for it.

Tattoo Issues - Tattoo Design IdeasThe solution is to use your imagination, find a great design that can be slightly modified or added to, blend with another design or add or translate your own words to create a design that is not only personal to you but is also highly original and unique. The real secret to finding a tattoo design that comes as close to you calling perfect lies in the realization that a large amount of the tattoo artists today are more than willing to make any changes to a design or offer their guidance providing you have a clear idea of what you’re looking for and are able to communicate your thoughts clearly to the tattooist.

Here are a few tips on what you can do that will hopefully get your ideas flowing:

  • Combine two or more tattoos into one design
  • Add tattoo lettering to an existing design.
  • Ask your artist to modify or add something to a design
  • Find a photo of what you’re looking for and tell your artist to turn it into a tattoo
  • Change from color to black and white and vice versa
  • Ask your artist to resize a design to complement your body part

Tattoo Issues - What Are You Putting in Your Body? Tattoo Designs

If you've already made the decision to obtain a tattoo then it's time to consider the problems and risks associated with the tattooing process. Your greatest concern should be with the safety amd protection of the equipment and yourself, one of the unseen dangers of tattooing is the risk of bacterial infections and unsafe practices. A large dose of common sense and an awarness of your surroundings should prevent many of the tattooing mistakes found today.

So don't let your TATTOO ISSUES, whatever they are, stop you from getting inked! Oh, and I almost forgot…there is of course the option of drawing it up yourself, if you find you have a talent for it!

Are you having difficulty finding solutions to your Tattoo Issues and Designs? 

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